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What are your next steps? You need to understand the culture of bullying. There is a reason why someone is a bully. Ask yourself these questions:.

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And don't forget to ask these questions about yourself:. Don't avoid the questions—most importantly—don't avoid the answers. The community was predominately Caucasian and I was very green. My students tormented one female student daily. They made up a song entitled, "Hairy Legs, Daisy. Daisy was a beautiful Hispanic young lady. Yes, she did have hairy legs, but I couldn't change the fact that her parents believed she was too young to shave or that it was a cultural issue. Totally disgusted, I had to think of something. Surely I could implement some strategy.

What I thought of was unfounded in theory.

Taking the bullying by the horns

Without explanation I announced that we would each come up with a nickname; a name we would choose for ourselves and a name only to be used in this classroom. Everyone agreed! My students and I proudly chose our nicknames. Daisy chose the nickname, "Hairy Legs.

Well, it wasn't long before no one used these "acceptable" nicknames and no one ever referred to Daisy as "Hairy Legs" again. You see, what fun would it be to bully Daisy if it didn't bother her? One final thought, I do not have the magic bullet to make bullying go away altogether. I cannot even give you the one trick that will make one huge difference.

Fighting bullying takes the efforts of lots of people for a lot of time. Remember, your job as a matador is to fight the bullying—may your journey hit the bull's eye! Giannetti, C. New York: Broadway Books. Zins, Joseph E. New York: Teachers College Press. If you remain mindful about your ability to control your own behavior, you can make constructive choices that can promote the best possible outcome instead of the worst-case scenario. Learn that you are worth sticking up for! I think that will go a long way in getting bullies off your back, too. View 2 comments. Feb 05, Carole P. Roman rated it really liked it.

Superman Takes On Bullies

Sometimes helpful, other times out right dangerous, this is an interesting book packed with tons of information on both bullies and their victims. Horn really knows this subject inside and out, and leaves no situation uncovered. He describes what motivates a bully, and then provides different scenarios to implement his cures.

While some of it was quite reasonable and sound, other times, one needs to have his head examined if they follow his advice. He has quotes by the boatload, that while enter Sometimes helpful, other times out right dangerous, this is an interesting book packed with tons of information on both bullies and their victims.

He has quotes by the boatload, that while entertaining, they were distracting. While I agreed with some of what he said, I think one must use caution and plenty of common sense before attempting his solutions. The best thing I got out of this was his chapter about victims. If someone is being bullied, perhaps the chapter on why they are being picked might be the most useful information.

By concentrating on fixing it from the victims perspective, seems like a safer plan. It raises the question, if there are no victims, then could bullies cease to exist? Dec 27, T. Don't go into this with a specific problem in mind. Or do, and be surprised to realize it could honestly be worse. At least in my case. If you want a good "glance over" of various strategies to deal with difficult people in your life from the average annoyance to the stalker to the abuser, this book covers it. It also has a chapter about bullies at school, although I'm not sure the advice in there would help.

It is a theory, not actually tested. Some of it is theory and som Don't go into this with a specific problem in mind. Some of it is theory and some of it provides good tools. My only issue with this book is that she wrote this to work through an issue of her own or to explain how to handle her personal issue without actually saying what that issue was not that I couldn't take a very good educated guess about it. There were a few tangents I noticed while reading and some of the subsections didn't jive well with the advice.

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Overall, a good read that I'd highly recommend for a different perspective compared to assertively handling issues. Book is written for adults, but copious ideas are adaptable for all ages. Humorous and well organized, there is a shaded section listing the highlights and strategies listed in each chapter with clear action examples of things to say and NOT to defuse a potential situation. Oct 14, Corinna rated it really liked it Shelves: i-own.

Fantastic read. It's not specifically directed to any one occupation or people type, but beneficial for them all. Definitely one all nurse leaders should have in their office to help those experiencing lateral violence and the "eating-their-young" phenomenon. Oct 10, S. Very good read. Gives excellent pointers on how to deal with nasty people. Feb 28, Angela rated it liked it Shelves: s-relationships , s-management-and-business.

Taking the bull by the horns in bullying

An adult approach to setting appropriate limits. May 05, Phyllis rated it it was amazing. Great advice of anyone dealing with an adult bully.

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